Thursday, April 21, 2011

For Your Brain

Hola peeps!  I know everyone is in full Easter mode right now (I am too, will have some pics of my Easter centre piece soon), but I just got to thinking and wanted to pose a question....what do you do to fuel your brain-besides deciding if maroon and hot pink go together and would be an appropriate colour combo for a scrapbook page layout? (PS the answer is yes!) 

If you're super cool (like me) you're afraid of degenerative diseases (cancer, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, dementia); and you do what you can to keep the ole noodle thinkin'. To this end I try to do a crossword puzzle at least twice a week.  I've gotten pretty good at them....the Tuesday edition in my local free paper is easier than the Thursday....let's see how long this takes me....ok it's 10:09am right now...GO!

And's 10:19am! Whoop whoop-10 minutes for the Thursday crossword!  I think that's become a standard average for me :)  I also enjoy Sudoku (now that I've finally figured it out) but I couldn't conquer one in 10 minutes!

What do you do to keep your mind sharp and alert?

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