Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I've Been Pinned!!

No this is not a re-staging of Bye Bye Birdie, and I'm not going steady...Musical Theatres geeks everywhere are laughing at my clever reference, to the rest of the world I'm just a weirdo!
Anywho, my sissy the lovely Jill @ Envirocraftiness posted the other day that she got pinned, and I was like "Pinned? What?" So I ran over (typed over) to her blog to see what she was talking about.  Apparently there is this super cool place called Pinterest where you can "pin" things you love.  It's a little bit like Googling yourself!  So of course I had to do it and see if there was any love for Leslie out there......
And there is!  Woo Hoo!
Remember the Sisterly Spa Series way back in January? 
Well my awesome homemade hair mask got pinned!
So did my totally delish Pineapple Stirfry!
Really feelin the love today!  Thanks so much for reading my blog, laughing with & at me, and hopefully trying out some of my crazy schemes, recipes or otherwise!
If you wanna know how to see
if you're "pinteresting", read all about it here

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the cape on the corner said...

it's totally ok, b/c i was going to make a bye bye birdy reference too. and thanks for the tip-i've been pinned, but i have yet to be sucked into the pinning. it's making my work computer go reallllly slowly, so i think i better peruse at home.