Monday, July 18, 2011

Engagement Party

While Ty & I were home, we decided to throw ourselves a little party!  OK not so little.  We had about 40 people at his parents house for a big ole BBQ.  It was a potentially stressful day for me personally.  See my parents split up about 5 years ago, and things are still feeling fresh.  They are not at the point where they're ready to be friends....or even say nice things about each other.  SO needless to say I was a bit concerned about how the BBQ would go with both my parents in attendance....not to mention other family members on both sides-which only adds to the tension.  Surprisingly I didn't really feel awkward or uncomfortable.

There was SO MUCH food.
I made a huge potato salad (read all about it here). 
And my awesome soon to be sister in law made DELICIOUS whoopee pies.
And my Mum took some embarrassing photos which I will now share with you.  Excited? Yeah, me too.
Jill, Me, and my bridesmaid Ashley's mum.  She's my dance mom!

My cousins with Jill, my Aunty Bea and my soon to be father in law!

Jill's Boyfriend, Amy's Hubby, and Amy !

I didn't get the memo for "no Zoolander faces" in the 2nd photo!

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Jill said...

That pic of me Denley, and Kyle looks like you edited it together because of the way the Kuny's house is. It's kinda cool!