Sunday, July 17, 2011

Salad Sunday #2

Have you ever made salad for a group? How big?
 Last weekend I made potato salad for my engagement party.
We had about 40 attendees and we were also serving up burgers, smokies, ceaser salad, baked beans, veggies and dip, watermelon and carrot cake so there was definitely enough food to go around. But I am marrying into a family of Ukranians who need to make sure everyone is stuffed to the gills before they head home.

Now, I should mention that I have never made potato salad for more than maybe 6 people.....and since I wasn't the one who went shopping for the ingredients I didn't have any much say in the quantities I thought I I ended up peeling and boiling 20 lbs of potatoes and 44 eggs for my Uber Potato Salad.
I followed my (much smaller) recipe here

Here are the photos to prove I could easily work in a military kitchen
One bowl.....not quite 10lbs of potatoes. 
 I think there were 64 potatoes total!

More potatoes....

I took over the entire stove.  The 2 smaller pots are full of eggs!

Yup, that's 44 eggs....the sad thing was I probably could've used about 10 more....I love eggs in my potato salad!

It turned out great.  It was really hard to make a salad this big and keep the quality of flavour.  I ended up making it in three bowls/batches and then combining it into 2 BIG bowls.  And yes, my in-laws did over estimate how much potato salad everyone would eat.  I know my Mum went home with some and there was a good sized bowl leftover for us!  Thank goodness it's SO delicious.

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