Saturday, December 17, 2011

Grey Cup 2011

If you've been reading my blog lately, you'll know that my Dad passed away in late November.  That meant I was back home in Saskatchewan at the end of last month.  While I was glad we were able to go home and be with family, we also had tickets to Grey Cup.  Grey Cup is the Canadian Football League (CFL) equivelant to the Super Bowl. 
So it was a pretty big deal that we had tickets. 
Dad's funeral was on Friday and Grey Cup was on Sunday.
As you can imagine, we were in a bit of a predicatment. 

After talking to my family they agreed that it was ok for us to go, and that Dad would've wanted us to.  My Dad was a HUGE Saskatchewan Roughriders fan.  So we literally flew to Vancouver on Sunday morning and drove from the airport to the train and then took the Skytrain to Vancouver.  To put in in perspective we left Saskatchewan at 11am (9am BC time) and arrived in Abbotsford at 1:15pm.  Grey Cup started at 3:15pm!
Here's a map to show how far we had to go

Miraculously we made it! 
Thanks Dad-he was totally looking out for us as we drove!

Here we are.  In our seats and on time! 
Ready for the game!

Here's our stadium, aptly named BC Place.  We just got a new roof installed (well it took like 2 years)so it was a pretty big deal!  It used to be an inflated roof, but now it can open and close!

Love those camera men lying down. 
Do you think that's a good angle?

The Felions Dance Team....
I use the term 'dance' loosely

Setting up for the halftime show. 
Unfortunately the Half Time Show was Nickelback.
It was the only part of the game I boo-ed!

We thought for a second that Nickelback
might have blown such luck

I might not have liked the music, but the show was pretty good!
Saskatchewan Roughrider fans represent! 
I would say the majority of people who weren't wearing orange for the Lions, were wearing green for the Riders!  Woop woop!
Also I would like to mention that the Rider Cheerleaders (left) are the only Co-Ed team and the only team that actually perform true cheer stunts!


There it is- the Grey Cup!
And yes Americans, those are Mounties;
Real honest to goodness mounties. 
And yes that is what they always wear. 
And yes they are awesome!

Lions are #1
But the Riders will always be #1 in my heart!

The game was bittersweet.  My Dad and I often texted eachother during football games or hockey games to discuss what was happening....the delay made things really funny!  It felt weird, because I half expected Dad to text me when things got tense toward the end of the game.  But I know he was watching and stressing out just the same!

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Anonymous said...

Just to clarify, the Edmonton Eskimos cheer team is also a co-ed stunt team.