Monday, December 19, 2011

Ugliest Thing I've Ever Made!

It is SO hard to buy Christmas gifts for Ty.  The guy doesn't need anything, and when something cool comes out (new Playstation game, accesory etc) he goes out and buys it for himself.  Add that to the fact that his birthday is December 22nd and it makes birthday & Christmas tough!  And I always feel guilty that I haven't got him enough.
Well this year I think I out did myself.  I was stressed about what to get Ty for his birthday (he's turning the BIG 3-0) and for Christmas.  With Dad's illness and passing and me starting two new jobs and not having a great cash flow, I was worried.  Then I went into Homesense and found this....
It was one of those things that I forgot I wanted to get Ty.  Believe it or not, globes are not easy to find let alone cost effective; and then I saw the perfect one at Homesense (like Homegoods).  It was HUGE and only $120!?!?!?  So after some research (also looked at a very different table top globe at Chapters) I decided to get this one!

Only box.

Crafty Lady to the rescue!
Step One: Find enough cardboard.....

Step Two: Try to make random pieces of cardboard fit together as a new box!  Easier said than done.

If you're wondering what the heck I'm using to keep the cardboard together, I used clear Duck Tape.  It was stronger than packing tape and really worked.  If I had a staple gun or something like that, it would've been handy.

Woo Hoo!  It fits......Feeling pretty darn pleased with myself!

Sealing up the sides was the hardest part. 
Mainly because I had to fit in a piece of
cardboard that really didn't fit well. 
Duck Tape to the rescue!

Once it was all done (relatively speaking)
it was time to wrap it up!

Thank goodness I had a HUGE roll of mega wrapping paper!

Time to get in the box Globe-y

  You might be wondering what those arrows are.  I thought a nice gesture would be mark all the places we've been over the past 7.5 years we've been together.  I also placed an arrow pointing to Bora Bora with the year 2012, for our honeymoon.  I hope he likes it.

I ran out of cardboard and couldn't make a lid.  So I just wrapped across the top.  As long as Ty doesn't poke it, it should be fine!

I took a picture of the gift beside the tree, just for scale. 
Our tree is a 6 foot tall tree.....

Stay tuned for Ty's reaction.  He's wanted a globe for quite sometime, so I think he'll be surprised.

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