Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ty's 30th Birthday

Yes, it's true.  Ty turned the big 3-0.  Jill, Amy and I had great big plans to throw this awesome, travel inspired birthday party, but then Dad got sick and life just seemed to speed by extra fast....check out our awesome Pin Board we created for the big event.  I also wanted to surprise Ty with tickets to Conan O'Brien during Spring Break, which still aren't for sure, since the show awards tickets based on a lottery. 

So it was a Conan/Travel inspired b-day, albeit much smaller than originally anticipate and not a surprise. Oh well.

So we got together with some close family and friends for dinner and presents.  And of course, cake.
Jill got Ty a really cool book about wineries in the Lower Mainland! Weekend trips!
She also made this awesome poster for Ty; also Conan inspired! 
If you haven't watched Conan O'Brien this summer, you won't think this is funny.  But you can tell from the expression on Ty's face, he loves it!  I also got him a black tee-shirt with the Conan hair and it says "Conan".

Isn't he so handsome!  I just love him to bits!  He was very excited about his cake; marble cake with custard filling and dream whip icing.  I have to admit, it was pretty darn good for Safeway!

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