Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Diet - boo!

Well it's 2012, it's still January and like many of you I'm working on loosing weight, for a few reasons. One I'm not totally happy with how I look. Two, I'm getting married in 7 months and even though I already look amazing in my dress I would love to look more amazing-er.... Is that a word? Whatever. So this week I'm working on the cabbage soup diet. It's not that radical of a "diet". It's still allows you to eat as much as you like, only of certain things on certain days.

I'm on day 4. It's the bananas and milk day; which means I can eat up to 8 bananas, as much skim milk as I like and the soup. Totally doable!

The soup. According to some of the stuff I read online people didn't like the soup. I don't mind the soup, but I'll admit I probably cheated a little bit. I will share my adapted cabbage soup tomorrow. It's pretty good, actually.

The best news? I've lost 6 pounds since Sunday when I started the diet. (9 pounds since the beginning of January). It's not the easiest diet; mostly because I don't like to be restricted. It's tough to know that there is delicious cheese in my fridge but all I'm allowed to eat is fruit and veggies. I'm real bad with will power. However I do feel that my appetite has changed and decreased, so I hope to maintain my smaller portions and increased fruit and veggies. And even though the number on the scale isn't where I'd like it to be, it's dropping and surprisingly seeing the numbers go down made me feel really good!

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