Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Big Plans Fall Through

Ugh! You know when you have great big extravagant plans and then something truly out of your control comes along and wipes them out?!?!? Or is it just because I'm a huge control freak? Maybe a bit of both. Allow me to explain.

This past weekend my sister Jill, yes the same Jill of Envirocraftiness fame, came out to Vancouver to visit me. And boy did I have big plans.... And then three days into her trip she got a wicked stomach bug.... And then I got it 36 hours layer. Fun trip huh?

Needless to say we got almost nothing done. Ok that's not entirely true. We test baked a wedding cake (upcoming post), I bought my potential wedding shoes, and we picked up paper for our wedding menus and table numbers. Posts on all that jazz to come! Ooh and we celebrated Jill's bday, and I'll post about that too! As soon as I get off the couch!

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