Friday, March 16, 2012

Owl iPhone Cover

Woo Hoo! Another Pinterest project accomplished.  Granted this is the Beta/trial version.  I love this project SO MUCH that I have to make another one....and a special little cousin might be getting one for her birthday in April!

To follow the original pattern click here. 

First, create your owly pattern

Then trace your iPhone onto paper as a pattern.  In the original pattern Justine recommends cutting your pattern larger than your iPhone, and cutting larger again when you cut your felt.  This ended up too big for my iPhone.  Next time I won't cut my felt larger than my pattern.  I want my iPhone to fit snug-plus felt has some give.

I didn't have any lovely fabric like Justine had, so I made some.  I had some plain white cotton and I drew on with my Sharpies some paisleys and dots to dress it up a bit.

Then use your owly pattern to cut out different colours of felt for the wings, beak, eyes, etc

Then sew all your pieces onto the front with a blanket stitch..yeah yeah I know my stitching sucks, don't remind me.  You live and learn!

The back is probably my favourite

It's just too cute! 
Next time I'll try with some nicer felt and fabric. 

Fantabulous Friday!

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