Sunday, March 4, 2012

Crochet Crazy Part 1

Yes it's true.  I have picked up my crochet hook and I never want to put it down....well until I get that horrible carpal tunnel feeling in my wrist, but you know what I mean.

A couple of weeks ago I went and visited some girl friends in Edmonton Alberta.  My girlfriend Nic has a lovely little 9 month old baby girl.  (I'm getting to that age when my friends start to have babies-scary).  So what else could I do but bring little T a gift from Aunty Leslie? 
I saw exactly what I wanted to make over at The Busy Budgeting Mama - the cutest little owl I'd ever seen!  So often these cute softies are only available as a knit pattern, so I was beyond thrilled to find a crochet version that was just as cute as a knit pattern!
Image of Amigurumi Graduation Owl

The actual pattern is for a Graduation Owl found here at Lion Brand Yarn.  You just have to make a few adjustments-don't worry they're easy!

For my owl I used a 5 mm hook for the head, body wings, ears and feet.   I tried to use the 5mm hook for the eyes, but as you can see in the picture, something just wasn't right!  So I used a 4mm hook for the inner and outer eyes, as well as the beak.

And yes, I copied the colours from The Busy Budgeting Mama.  They were just so darn cute, I couldn't resist.  Only, my owl didn't look that cute when it was done....

So I added a little purple bow to gussy her up a bit...
and so you could tell it was a girl owl!

I was worried T would be scared of my owl, but it's clear it's her new favourite toy!  They are so cute and perfect for little hands and mouths since they're totally soft and have no little buttons or bits that can fall off!  Can't wait to make a few more of these! 

The Girl CreativeThe Southern Institute

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Susanne said...

What a cute owl, the purple bow made all the difference :)
Wish you a great day!

Donna Huisinga said...

Your owl is adorable. I so wish I could crochet. I saw it over at Sumo's link party. I'm sure the baby will love having something so soft and cuddly and the mom will always appreciate that you made it too. There is nothing like a handmade gift.