Monday, April 2, 2012

Finishing Touches

Well almost a year after we finished painting our master bedroom I finally found the curtains I wanted!  And thankfully they were at the always budget friendly Target AND they were purple! Woo hoo!  I couldn't believe my luck. 

So just to remind you here's what our bedroom looked like before the project


Oh my gosh!  How did I handle that blue!?!?! 
Ok, then we painted!

And then we got new lamps, curtains and one last pillow (which is the bane of Tyler's existence.  He says he feels like he's unloading a hay truck every night when we go to bed! Ugh - boys!)

PS My bedroom is never this clean.  My dance bag is always open and spewing forth dirty, sweaty clothes, stinky dance shoes, papers, notebooks.  Not to mention my underwear and socks marking a trail from my side of the bed to the bathroom!  

Now I need to hang some pictures above our bed and put up our wall talk and our room will be complete!