Monday, September 10, 2012

Adventures in New Zealand

Ok, I'm dong this a little backwards but whatever.  On our flight home from our honeymoon we flew from Bora Bora to the island of Tahiti.  Overnighted in Tahiti and then flew 6 hours west to New Zealand for an 8 hour layover!  I was psyched to be able to be in New Zealand, even if it was only for eight hours! I am also very proud of the newly acquired stamps on my passport.

Here's our eight hours in New Zealand!

 Ok, here's us in the Bora Bora Airport. 
Don't worry, these tans have faded already!

Here's Ty on the tarmac as we get into our plane.....
with propellers!  (I was scared)  
You can see the main island of Bora Bora in the background

   Tahiti Airport. 
We stayed at the airport motel across the street.  Never again!  Had to hoof it up stairs and insanely steep driveways with our luggage to get there!

As we arrived in the airport this beautiful Maori carving welcomed us, complete with lighting and music.  It was so awesome. I love this country!

 I so desperately wish that Canadian McDonald's had lamb burgers! Yum

 Here I am, on the bus, ready to go to the Auckland Harbour/Viaduct!  If you're ever in Auckland jump on the airport bus that takes you right to downtown.  It only costs $26 return/adult and has several stops to get on and off at.  
It was easy peasy!

I could've gone and seen a show!

These awesome lamps were all down the way by the ferry terminal. (Luckily we only had to drag our carry-on luggage with us. Our bags went from Tahiti to Vancouver!)

They were setting up for NZ Fashion Weekend (Sept. 8 & 9)

Auckland Viaduct Harbour.  
Auckland really reminded us of Vancouver.  Harbour Quay is very Coal Harbour-y, Granville Island-ish.

Ty enjoys some local New Zealand beer.  
Actually it was really good!
Ty ordered Beef Bourguignon.  
It was unreal delicious!

When in Rome.... I ordered lamb.  It was my goal to eat lamb in New Zealand!  If I only did one thing, it was gonna be that.
It was pretty good, but not as good as Ty's beef!  (See my Tahitian pearl I'm wearing?)

Everywhere I go in the world, I go to LUSH!  They had no Angel's on Bareskin :(  And Skin's Shangri La was $76 or something crazy!

 The Skytower
It's the tallest man made structure in New Zealand!

 And yes I'm from the land of coffee so I had to buy a Starbucks.  Ty was outraged at the price...I didn't think it was so bad :)

Airport sign.  Sorry it's blurry, I was on the bus.

Time to fly home.  Waiting to board our Vancouver bound plane in the Auckland International Airport

Kia Ora!  That's Maori for "hello"!  The Air New Zealand plane was quite comfy.  We had a 13 hour flight to enjoy those seats....I slept through most of it.  Had to stay awake for dinner 2 hours into the flight though.  It was worth it....butter chicken! SO GOOD!

Ty gets ready to take off!

Homeward bound

And there you have it!  Eight hours in Auckland New Zealand.  I promise I will post about our honeymoon in Bora Bora soon!  And yes, it looks exactly like the postcards-unreal beauty!

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