Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fake It Fajitas

I am on my own most weekdays.  Mine and Tyler's schedules don't match up during the school year, with Ty working a regular 9am-5pm and I work 3pm-9pm most days.  Which means I'm on my own for breakfast and lunch (not to mention making dinner before I leave to teach most days so I have something to eat when I come home).

The other day I was really struggling for something to have for lunch.  Since we've returned from our honeymoon I haven't done a proper meal plan and grocery shop.  I'm scrounging and making due with what I have on hand.  I had a couple peppers, and onion and leftover soft taco shells from a taco kit..... 
I thought about defrosting some ground beef, but I was too lazy!  Plus I knew I wouldn't use the whole pound of meat for my meal-it just wasn't worth it.

I heated some oil in a pan and dropped in the onions.  Let them soften a bit and then I threw in the peppers (green and orange).  I was worried about how I would make these veggies taste like a fajita, besides taco seasoning.  Beef bouillon!  Just one packet and some taco seasoning made all the difference.  

Once the veggies were tender crisp, I spooned them into the soft taco shells folded them up and went to town!

So the next time you're craving an easy (meat free) meal try these Fake it Fajitas.  Add some shredded cheese, salsa and/or sour cream for a complete fajita experience!

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