Thursday, November 1, 2012

Spaghetti Squash

Tis the season for squash.  In an impulsive moment I bought a spaghetti squash a week or two ago.  And I displayed it proudly on my table for a while and then decided it was time to bite the bullet and cook it.

First things have to cut it.  Well that's an adventure in itself.  I tried to cut it with just my big 12" Henkel chef's knife and it wasn't enough.  I grabbed my rubber mallet and boy howdy did that make it easier!  Pound on the knife with the mallet and watch that bad boy split open.  It's amazing how much easier it was to cut when I used the mallet.

Make sure to scoop out all the insides (like you would a pumpkin) and keep the seeds.  You can roast the squash seeds just like pumpkin seeds.  And they are so delicious.  I baked them along on the same pan as the squash for about 15 minutes. 

Then all I did was rub in cut side of the squash with olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper. Bake for 50-60 minutes at 400*F.  

Once the squash is cooked let it cool at room temperature for a bit so you can handle it.  I used my handy 'Ove Glove!  Hold onto the squash and with a fork scrape the flesh out of the gourd.

The recipe I was following made you "fry" the spaghetti squash in a pan with olive oil, shallots, garlic and top with parmesan cheese.  I tried to fry it but because of the oil it never really got crispy, which was fine.  I didn't use parmesan cheese either, but mostly because Tyler doesn't love it.

You can also serve spaghetti squash like spaghetti with tomato sauce.  I heated up leftovers with some spaghetti sauce and it was scrumptious! 


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