Monday, January 7, 2013

Some Days I Giggle

It's true.  Some days I giggle.  
Allow me to explain.

Last night I had Campbell's Alphabet Soup for dinner.  Yes, me.  The woman who fearlessly tries frog legs, makes new recipes weekly, and received the Anthony Bourdain Les Halles cookbook for  Christmas (yeah-I know right?  Look for me documenting me adventures in making tripe shortly).  And I love it.  
I truly love Alphabet soup.  

But it makes me giggle when I eat things out of cans, or Hamburger Helper.  Because I think some of my friends don't realize I eat that stuff.  In fact one night when I went over to my very good friend Andrea's place, she didn't cook for me because she was intimidated to?!?!  This is a woman I look up to, whom I consider a mentor, the person I go to when I need perspective.  And she didn't think she could cook for me.  Side note: we had Costco pre-made Shepherd's Pie (yum).  It was a very surreal moment. So as I was gorging in my Campbell's soup last night, I thought of Andrea and giggled.

I think being a 'foodie' is about appreciating food, no matter where or how it gets to you.  I appreciate the super soft noodles in letter shapes and the tangy sort of tomato broth that inhabits that white and red can.  There's just something so reassuring about alphabet soup.  

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the cape on the corner said...

how great to hear you feel this way! sometimes i make hamburger helper...i don't know why it gets such a bad rap, and i don't know what to really do with ground turkey or meat besides make tacos. i am proud to use HH, i'm still laboring over the stove aren't i?? fun post.