Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Craft Sale Newb

Yes it's true.  I am a craft sale newbie.  I am hoping to get involved in some holiday craft fairs this fall (I know, I'm crazy to be thinking about next Christmas already but you gotta plan ahead).  I've been starting to contact the some organizers, chatting with my sister about what works, what doesn't, what sells, etc.  So I'm turning to you-my lovely readers, to get your advice about how I can succeed.

Have you sold your lovely goods at a craft fair?  What time of year did you do it?  Summer?  Winter?  Holiday?  Which was more successful?  Do you have any great tips to make my booth stand out?  Anything at all.

I'm thinking about primarily selling my crochet creations like this

I'm also thinking about selling my amazing Nuts & Bolts in decorative Mason jars like this

I'd be ever so grateful for any advice or tips and tricks you can offer me.  I'm starting early, mostly because I need to work on my inventory and make sure I have enough!

Dont forget to enter my awesome Birthday Contest.  The contest closes on FRIDAY FEBRUARY 15th!  Thank you to everyone who has already entered and good luck to everyone!

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