Sunday, February 10, 2013

Tissue Box Cover

I saw a fabric cover version of this somewhere on the inter web-can't remember where.  I looked around for some cool coral patterned fabric but I got a little too impatient and figured I could make one without fabric!  And I did!

I remember that the tutorial I saw, they used a foam board to create the form of the box.  I didn't have foam board, but I did have an empty Finish Dishwasher tab box!  So I roughly measured the cardboard to be a bit larger than the tissue box.  

I made mine to fit a wide, rectangle, Costco kleenex box.  My finished cover is 9.5" long by 5" deep by 5" high.  There's a little bit of space between the actual box and the cover so you can slip it on without struggling.

After I painted the cardboard white, I used green painters tape to create my chevron pattern.  Then I painted with a coral colour between the tape, and impatiently waited for it to dry.  I tried to keep my chevron pattern relatively consisted around the box and re-used my tape guidelines on each side.

Jill pointed out that I could have covered the edges of the box with masking tape or something so you don't see the corrugated cardboard.  Whatevs.  This was a fast, let's see if I can make it in one night-which I basically did.  The hardest part was waiting for the paint to dry so I could pull off the tape.

Doesn't it look pretty with with coral towel!  I am loving how my powder room is turning out.  Just a few more finishing touches and I'll be done.  Stay tuned for the reveal!

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