Thursday, February 7, 2013

Birthday Giveaway!

In honour of my birthday (yesterday!) I'm doing a giveaway! YUP!  This is open to all of my truly awesome Try To Keep Up! followers.  Plus a few extra ways to enter if you don't follow me.

And the prize?  An awesome one of a kind, handmade (by yours truly) infinity modelled by yours truly!    If you could only feel how amazingly soft this scarf is!  It's perfect for chilly morning walks or anytime!    It's so big and fluffy-I wrapped it three times around here in this pic.  

And just because I love you oh so much I'm throwing in a matching headband.  I didn't model it because I have a giant head and I didn't want to stretch it out for the winner!  

Yes you will win BOTH the scarf and headband!
Here's how to enter! 

The contest closes on February 15th.
Good luck to everyone!


hueisei said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!

sandra k williams said...

i hope you had a great birthday. the scarf looks really cute.

KHBride said...

The scarf is beautiful (and so are you)
Hope you had a fabulous birthday!