Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Happy Birthday to me!

Yes today is my birthday.  The big 2-9!  The last year of my twenties (I think my heart just stopped for a second!)  Thankfully many people have come before me and have already hit 30!  I have to work tonight so I won't be celebrating today-and needless to say I know my students will harass me all night, trying to find out how old I am.  It's one of my only rules-I don't tell students my age.

But at 29 I'm starting to feel like I've managed pretty well.  I'm married to an incredible husband (we'll be celebrating 9 years together in April!)

I've lost my Dad and miss him every day! (Sorry no picture, I can't bring myself to look at photos of him day, but not yet.)

I am on the road in my career, finally.  Full time teaching makes me so happy! But so exhausted!

I'm not too sure if I'll really celebrate this weekend.  I usually try to have a party but so many of our friends work in food & beverage that it's hard to get them on a weekend!. Plus it's BC's first annual Family Day (a provincial holiday) so Ty & I are thinking about heading down to Portland (again!) to shop, eat and explore.  Mostly shop.

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