Wednesday, March 13, 2013


My hard core partying ways caught up with me this past weekend. Ha ha ha!  Just kidding.  I had a a sleepover with 9 teenagers, getting to bed at a proper 2am, waking up at 9am, going to my competitive students showcase, running around getting my dancers ready and pumped, hurtling home to chow down and get in the car to drive 45 minutes to North Van to my husbands hockey game, staying up after hockey for dinner and then teaching like a maniac all week. So guess who got sick?  ME!  I should have known that I was getting run down, but I really didn't feel bad.  Until I woke up on Saturday morning feeling different.  I knew something was wrong.

I had the flu.  Achey, headache, chills and sweats.  It was bad.  Then I was coughing.  By day three my chest hurt so bad from coughing that I literally was holding in my coughs (damaging I think).  I drank about 5 pots of tea and heated my magic bag repeatedly.  I'll say that my electric blanket was a life saver.

But I should've known that it was a good ole fashioned steam that helped me feel like myself.  Never steamed yourself before?  Oh my gosh!  After you're done reading this you have to steam yourself.  Fill a big pot up with water and set it to boil.  Once it's boiling turn down the heat (like to 4), grab a towel or tea towel and put your head over that pot and breathe.  It's not easy.  The steam hurts your nostrils but it's SO important to really get the steam in.  Set your timer for at least 10 minutes and try to relax.   listened to relaxing zen-like music from this awesome ap I downloaded, Relax Melodies.  The app is awesome and if you have trouble sleeping they've got some awesome white noise sounds to help you. (PS this is a totally unsponsored post, I just really like this app). Because my chest was so painful I tried to swallow the steam-which definitely helped.

In fact I felt so much better I had enough energy to make butternut squash soup.  I followed the recipe from the Wilderness Wife.  It was scrumptious and not as difficult to make as I imagined.

Here's hoping I feel better tomorrow. But please forgive my absence if I'm not.  Time to go get my steam on!

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