Saturday, April 20, 2013

First Time Nail Art

I normally don't have long enough nails to really do anything worth while on them.  But one of my students suggested that I do some nail art....
I feel I should preface this with the fact that I have NO patience and hardly have any nails, because I'm a nail biter.
 I decided to do a funky geometric pattern in mint and coral.

I taped off half my nails, like so.  FYI, I highly recommend leaving the tape flat - don't fold it over the top of your finger like I did on my index and middle finger.  It lies nicer without folding it.

Then I painted the top half of my nails with the mint colour.  It's a really crappy nail polish from Urban Outfitters, but I bought it for the colour :)

Then I impatiently waited for my nails to dry...... once I had waited as long as I could I carefully peeled the tape off.  Ta da!  I considered leaving them like this - mostly because I'm so lazy and thought they looked bad.

Then I carefully painted the coral on the bottom and finished with a top coat.  Not too bad if I say so myself.   

And no, I will not be showing you my right hand. 
 It's always impossible to paint and never looks as nice!

Three Mango Seeds

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Anonymous said...

I was expecting a blog post on this design after seeing it the other day. They look great! Your nails are not "too short" at all... you have really nice long nail beds! And hahaha proud of your patience young grasshopper ;)

I found myself experimenting with the use of paper reinforcements to do a design on my nails today and it was SO hard for me to wait for my nails to dry before sticking them on and continuing. I finished the design BUT because if my impatience I had to put a very fine shimmer top coat on to hide all of the "interestingly artistic" parts. Haha - let's just say it's definitely not my best work. Oh and as for your bad hand - I've learned to start with my bad hand so I can match the good hand to it (especially with polka dots), it's so much easier matching your good hand to your bad one as apposed to the other way around. Just a tip I like to use so the nails on my two hands don't look completely different (skill/goodness wise)...

Glad you took my suggestion though :) Have a great rest of your weekend - looking forward to seeing what else you try out!