Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Thank You Card

Teaching dance can be stressful - just like anything.  But when I don't have control it tends to freak me out.  Case in point, two weeks ago when my Geisha costumes weren't done.  I talked to one of our administrators at the dance school and found out that only ONE costume had been made! And the kids were set to compete in 4 days!  Talk about stress.

Long story short, the seamstress really came through and completed all 5 costumes by Sunday night (with only one mock up done on Thursday)!  And I showed up on Monday morning at the competition with the costumes. Needless to say the girls were thrilled.  And so was I!  So we made a card for our seamstress to show her our appreciation.

I brought it to the studio for all the students to sign! 
 It was so sweet.


Anonymous said...

That is very sweet of you! I'm sure she appreciated it a lot - probably not something she expected to recieve.

Anonymous said...

Random act of kindness... that's great!