Sunday, May 12, 2013

You don't make friends with Salad! {Jill}

It's Salad Sunday and today we've got a great post from my little sister Jill from Envirocraftiness.  I should mention that she is headed out to Vancouver on WEDNESDAY! and I can't wait.  We'll be doing SO MUCH CRAFTING-you're gonna be overloaded with amazing goodness.  BUT until then, enjoy!

Hey all you Try to Keep Uppers! This is Leslie's little sister Jill from Envirocraftiness!  I've been on a grain/gluten-free-paleo kind of diet, and this salad was one of my experiments along that path.  Thanks to my big sis for inviting me over here (although I handle the technical stuff for her, so really I can hop over whenever I like!) I'll probably be back with more salads later in the summer! Enjoy! 

This salad is pretty much an original creation.  It all came about because I was at work, thinking, what do I want for supper?  The answer was "a steak and eating an avocado with a spoon."  And then I remembered I'm a grownup, and probably shouldn't eat an avocado with a spoon.  SO I created this salad instead!

 photo 7A38E512-B1C7-4D70-9526-5AD4EC76A0E5-15502-00000AAFF6D13B2F_zpsdfd6df8d.jpg

What you need:
2                ripe avocados, chopped
1/2             English cucumber, chopped
1                small roma tomato, diced
                  crumbled feta cheese (adjustable to personal preference)
                  balsamic vinegar (adjustable to personal preference)

Toss all your veggies and cheese into a bowl.  
Pour balsamic vinegar over all of it, and stir! 

 photo 827A2A30-AF7B-4EEE-8598-895253284E16-15502-00000AAFEFC5E8B1_zpse9bf57d8.jpg

Serve up with a steak done your favorite way! We still had a solid wall of snow blocking the BBQ when I made this, so I settled for pan-fried (is that what you call it?!) with some Montreal steak spice.

 photo 3B118269-836C-456E-9D21-343A876A77DD-15502-00000AAFF36011F8_zps973e109c.jpg

There you have it - a quick, easy, and grain free meal!


Feel free to visit me for more crafts, recipes and fun over at Envirocraftiness!!  


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Hi Leslie! I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog :-)

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