Friday, June 7, 2013

New Summery Wreath

I went on a a faux flower binge at Michael's a few weeks back.  All the flowers I bought were already 50%, plus I had one of those magical 15% off my total purchase coupons. It was a happy day!
And I had BIG plans for these flowers.

So here are the flower stems that I started with....

At first I though I could cut off the long stems that I wouldn't have any use for.  Ha ha ha ha!  Me and my crazy ideas.

So instead, I decided I would bend the stems and work them into the wreath.  Well, really because I had no other option.....

So once they were bent I tried to wrap them together, to hide the stems in the flowers.  With only three branches, it took some fancy finagling.  Finagling.  You like that word? Me too!

Once I played around with the layout, I plugged in the glue gun and went to town! I used quite a bit of glue, and I tried to attach the thick wire stems to each other to keep it strong.

Ta da! Ha ha ha, NO! 
This was the skeleton.  
I had put the branches together in the most basic way.
My next adventure was to glue the fringe branches on to the main frame to make sure there weren't any bald spots.

I dressed it up with a burlap bow to finish it off!

LOVE IT! And it's happily living on my front door, welcoming the mail man and anyone else who wanders up those steps!

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