Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Ok, I have to admit.  Some days I'm an crochetey old lady inside a 29 year olds body.  Seriously.  I hear things coming out of my mouth and I honestly wonder if I really was born in the 80's.  "Don't move my plants"  "I'll take it, just in case" "*loooong sigh* my back" And if that's not proof enough, I crochet and embroider. 

My old lady ways mean that I am slow to joining the hip new trend of the moment.  I honestly resisted Facebook for like a solid 4 months.... I was going to say that now I do it all...but I don't.  Why? Well because there are some social media sites I like more than others.  And because I'm an old lady.  Remember? 

Facebook-love it!  I'm pretty active on FB so.... Follow Me

Twitter- I'm on it but I don't really care.  And I don't think anyone else cares that I'm on it either, cuz hey, I'm no celebrity. But if you wanna follow me?

Instagram-I like pictures, sign me up!  I signed up for Instgram in  early 2011 but have really only started using it this year.  
I post crazy pictures like this....

and like this.....
Instagram is a super easy way for my to mini blog about my day without having to watermark my pics or write...stuff.  Plus it's cute and I like selflies #truth, oh and #hastags.  Follow me on Instagram
And I love following you back and sneakin' a peak on what you're up to!

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