Monday, June 3, 2013

The Orange Julius Smoothie

Like many of you, I'm trying to eat healthier.  I'm great at eating my veggies, but I am finicky when it comes to fruit.  Plus I'm not a big apple or banana fan, so eating fruits regularly is not my forte.  BUT I discovered totally by accident a great smoothie recipe that'll get you going in the morning!

The Orange Julius Smoothie!!!

It's super simple.
I used about 1 cup of frozen mango chunks.  They happened to be organic, no big whoop.  You could also use 1 whole ripe mango and cut it up.  I also used 1 cup of organic vanilla yoghurt and 1 peeled navel orange. I cut away some of the white fibre on the orange so I wouldn't have the chunkiest smoothie.  

Then blend it all up with you hand blender and enjoy.  Seriously!  This is maybe my new favourite smoothie and it doesn't event have any pineapple in it!  Give it a try some morning-it's unreal!

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