Thursday, August 22, 2013

Adventures in Bunting

And lemme tell ya, it was an a 9 hour, all day crafty experiment.  I had been putting off making it because, well, I'm like that sometimes.  I knew I had to make it for my craft booth, and the application was on August 15th, except I was going to be on another continent, so I had to get everything done by August 10th....yada yada yada.

OK!  So first find a piece of cardboard and draw and cut out a triangle shape as your template for the bunting.

Next trace said template a million twenty two times.  Why 22 times?  Because that's how many letters are in "West Coast Leslie Designs"!  Note to other bloggers, pick a short name :)  Now that I think of it, a lot of my fave blogs have long names! 

Then I cut the triangle out but left an edge.  I knew I would either be sewing them or folding and ironing them so I wanted some wiggle room.

I literally cut these out for like hours....ok I was watching a movie too, but how else could I keep my sanity?  Once that was done, I had to iron them into lovely little triangles....  Did I mention I had to purchase an iron for this project...#notagrownupuntilnow

Up next was printing the letters.  Now a lot of carazy people out there would tell you to print the letters and then you could iron them on, or transfer them in some lovely way so they're pretty and lovely and perfect...ha ha ha.  Or you could be me and free hand them.  YES, you heard right, FREEHAND!  I based the font for my bunting on the font I used on my card.  Matchy matchy!

I traced the letters lightly in pencil first, and then went over them in sharpie. And I was able to erase the pencil from the fabric! WOO!

Slowly but surely it comes along

There they all are! Kinda weird seeing my name on a banner.  
Makes me feel kinda famous - just kidding

You'd think I was finished! Nope! Next up was sewing the fabric bunting onto the coral paper I used for my circle garlands on the front of my table.

I used 12 x 12 paper and managed to sew three triangles to a page.

This is, like, the third time this year I've used my sewing machine!  Go me!  Then once they were all sewn, I had to cut them out.  I did think about using plain ole scissors, but how much fun is that?  So I decided to use some craft scissors that have a similar pattern to pinking shears.  Never fear my sewing readers, I know you don't use pinking shears on paper!  Heaven forbid.

It also hides any imperfections.... what imperfections?

Once they were all cut out I sewed them together into banners
TA DA!  I have to say I'm pretty proud of myself.  And I think my banner looks pretty great!  I can't wait to show it off at my first craft fair this fall.  And if I don't get in, I will hang it in my craft room!

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