Sunday, October 6, 2013


As I get closer and closer to my upcoming Christmas Craft Fair, I'm getting all the little things in order.  One of said "little things" was to make handmade, branded hang tags for my apparel.  I wanted these tags to identify my brand, give information about the product and the price, and of course look pretty.  

This past week I ordered 1000, yes you read right 1000, hang tags from Staples.  Why?  Because Staples only carries the size of hang tag I wanted online and in batches of 1000....I guess I'll be making all my christmas gift tags this year too!  I'm still waiting for them to arrive.  But I had some I had purchased from the Container Store (omg....I won't go into how much I love that place) and wanted to try out some designs to see what would look best.  
I knew I wanted to incorporate the silhouette I have on my blog header since I love it and it's vintage and ties my products to my blog.  A while back I purchased these stamps for this exact purpose. 

The one on the right is the closest to what I have on my blog header, and YES it drives me a little batty because it's not oriented the same way....I will survive. I knew I wanted to make my tags memorable and standout, so of course embossing was the only I love embossing.

So I stamped, I drew, I wrote, I tested, I burned 
off some fingerprints and here's what I ended up with

The silhouette is stamped in Red Rocket Gold Ink and I used clear embossing powder over top.  The words are hand printed by yours truly in 2 sharpie colours.  The back will have the info about the apparel.  It's not as pretty.

Now to make 1000 more when the other tags arrive....
Dragonfly Designs

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