Friday, October 11, 2013

I Love Yarn

Ok well that's obvious, right!  
But did you know October 11th is I Love Yarn Day?!?! 
Yeah, I know, me neither.
I mean it might only be a US thing, but hey, I love me some yarn!

And man have I been busy! Making SO many yarn creations.  What about you?  I know when fall hits that's usually when I start curling up with my hooks and some yarn, not to mention a cup of tea, and get going on my crochet.  Yesterday, I finished a pair of booties, and today I plan on working through some of my (ever growing) stash.

Here are some of my favourite, and recent, yarn 
posts from some great blogs!  Show 'em some yarn love!

And have a very happy "I Love Yarn" Day!
I know I will.

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