Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Crafty Affaire Wrap Up!

That's a wrap! Whew!  What a whirlwind weekend!  I still feel like I have so much to do - send thank you cards, email all my lovely new friends, post more pics, re stock my inventory....BUT I wanted to share my experience of my FIRST craft sale ever with you!

 I'll fast forward through the crummy parts LIKE my Mum and my sister getting delayed and not arriving on Thursday night, but arriving on Friday morning.  The market itself was super fun, it started early on Saturday morning with set up.

 Here's a closeup of my booth in the morning, before we started playing dress up, trying on and unrolling pretty much every scarf!

Here's my employee of the weekend.  Workin' away :)  Jill (the gal behind Envirocraftiness) was a huge help - how else could I take bathroom breaks?!? LOL She also doubles as a model!

 My mum was also a big help.  Here she is with Jill, both of who were working on scarves! It's nice to see how things get made, hey?
Day one went by pretty quick!  We were very busy and felt like the darlings of the market!  A long but very fun day.

 I could take pictures of my products all day!  The colours!

 DAY TWO!  We are ready!
 Jill wasn't sure about her top knot & purple scarf combo, 
but I love it!  She said she didn't feel like it was "her style" 
but I think it grew on her!  We couldn't believe this purple scarf wasn't snatched up on the first day - but it did eventually go to a great new home!

I wasn't sure I could sell any scarves to men, so I got Ty to model for me!  Doesn't he look handsome? I'm a lucky gal :)

More product.  We couldn't even put everything out on day one!

One of the best parts of the whole weekend was meeting and hanging out with AWESOME new people like Chandra of Bookas! Seriously, this girl is my new BFF.  She picks the cutest fabric for her goodies and makes adorable kids products.  And she is rocking her very own West Coast Leslie infinity scarf! I can't wait to hang with this chica at another craft show :)
 And meet Rita, my across the way vendor buddy who owns Sparky Snacks!  She was one of my first customers of the weekend.  
Doesn't that teal scarf look amazing on her!?!? 

I met so many great people including the lovely and talented Ginna & Tomoko who organize/run the Crafty Affaire Markets! Thanks so much for making my first craft fair so fun (not to mention successful).  I have definitely been bitten by the craft fair bug and can't wait for the next one!

And hey, if you're looking for a last minute christmas gift I do have some stock leftover, ready to ship!  Aren't you lucky?  
So check out my Facebook to see what's available.

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