Monday, June 23, 2014

Crochet Health Benefits

I've always been one to distract myself.  Tyler laughs at me.  When life gets too stressful, I play meaningless iPhone games.  

Oh, and I also crochet.  I've been crocheting almost daily since the day my Dad passed away.  It's been a way for me to channel my grief (and maybe something deeper-I can't really put my finger on it). In fact, the night (morning) he passed away, I stayed up late working on an ear warmer. The one I'm wearing in that picture  I sometimes feel like this was one of the last pictures of me with a real smile. After Dad passed, my smile is dimmed.  At least, I feel like it is.

I saw this great article with a link to a Crochet Health Survey (which I took).  I believe in the power of art to heal.  Music.  Dance. Fine Art.  Crafts.  These are tools we can use to heal both physical and mental pain.  I've seen it in my Gramma, who suffered a brain aneurysm several years ago and can still crochet, knit, write and remember all her grand kids names!!!  And crochet has helped me channel, distract, and heal.  And it still does.  I often feel that if I stop crocheting I'll loose my Dad forever.  It connects me to his last day and that's really important to me.  

Do you know anyone who crochets or knits for mental health?  Share this survey with them, or just share it with friends.

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