Thursday, June 5, 2014

Father's Day/Showtime

Father's Day is a great day.  I think dads are WAY TOO OFTEN overlooked in favour of mum.  Don't get it twisted, mums are great, but I think Dad's don't get enough credit.  There are some amazing Dads out there.  

But for me Father's Day is tough.  Since losing my Dad in 2011 Father's Day is a giant reminder that I have to celebrate in a different way.  In fact my sister and I nicknamed Father's Day "Sister's Day".  Luckily I am usually so busy on Father's Day weekend that I don't have much time to be sad.  This year I have my dance studio's year end shows that weekend.  But that raises a lot of other emotions.  My Dad was my Stage Dad.  I miss that he's not physically there in the audience, watching my dances, cheering for my students, congratulating me on my good numbers.  I mean I know he's cheering for me, just not in the same way.  

This year I created a lyrical number to Passenger's "Let Her Go" with my Dad in mind.  For me, the song is about loss. I don't really believe that you should have to/want to give something up that you love.  But there's a moment in the grief process where you have to let go, and for me that's what the song is for me.  I know Dad will be watching my dances this weekend.  And I really hope he likes his dance.  I love you Dad; Happy Father's Day.

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