Monday, July 26, 2010

Blog Award

Yay!  I won a Blog Award.....from my sister. Does that make me lame?
I think it might-but maybe more people will check my blog out becuase of it?  A girl can hope.
But whatever I WON A BLOG AWARD!!!

The conditions of this award are:

1 - thank the person

2 - Share 7 things about yourself

(I omitted the 3rd & 4th conditions, since I am new to the bloggy world and they weren't really applicable-sorry to Carol @ the Answer is Chocolate)

So, thank you Jill at Envirocraftiness for bestowing upon me the vesatile blogger award!  Jill's blog is great and it really motivates you (me) to find a use for anything you might have lying around that you THOUGHT you couldn't use.  Check out her blog here  Her homemade recipes for beauty products are my favourite!

7 Things About Me: (harder than it originally looked)

1) I have been taking formal dance lessons in one sense or another for 23 years...and counting

2) I am a nail biter, have been FOR EVER....but have had some success at weaning myself from this habit

3) I have never had a family pet ( I used to joke that my sister Jill was my pet)

4) I own seasons 1-7 of Will & Grace on DVD and watch them when I scrapbook....infact I use lines from the show in my layouts.  One of my favourites is "Will, my love for you is like this scar; ugly but permanent"

5) I am a notorius project starter....and leaver....I have a shoe rack I'm in the middle of staining.....I promise to start finishing

6) I am a show tunes singer.  Name a Broadway musical, I can probably sing AT LEAST one song (minimum one line) from the show! Self proclaimed musical theatre NERD!

7) I love salmon!  In almost any form; sushi, sashimi, candied, smoked, bbq'ed...I also like the colour-actually kinda obsessed with anything salmon/coral right now!

Thanks again Jill!

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