Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Not Tabuleh Salad

Well I said I was going to and here is my post about my hybrid Tabuleh-Chickpea Salad.
I posted this recipe for Tabouleh Salad here But since I didn't have any bulghar wheat, I thought I would make the same salad with canned chickpeas.  Boy howdy was it yummy!!!!!  I literally could not get over how delicious it was-SO PERFECT for summer. Easy & fast to make with a refreshing taste!

Here are some pics of me making this yummy salad and what the finished product looks like!
Scraping the mint and parsley into the bowl

Squeezing the Juuuiice (bad "Encino Man" joke)
More happy grinding-I LOVE TO GRIND?!?!
Bon Appetit!!!!! (shown with Teryaki Sesame glazed chicken)


Jill said...

Yummy. I love that cardi!! I think it could use some Emma Pilsbury style sweater clips for it!

L.A. said...

Yes that would be great! I bought this sweater with my Mum while we were shopping at the Outlet's fron Anne Taylor of all places. I don't want to pierce the sweater tho...if you could make me one that's a magnet I would SO wear it...or maybe that will be my next project?