Thursday, July 29, 2010

Are you sick of cards yet?

I'm not!!!! I was in Seattle WA (AGAIN) last weeken to watch the Boston Red Sox get whooped play the SEattle Mariners.  The game was not that fun for me, and the other Red Sox fans, but what was fun was going to Michael's and getting craft stuff on sale!!!!!

I bought a fiskars paper punch which was tagged at $8.99 but on my receipt came up as $3.99!!! Bonus. I also bought a stamp or two (duh) and some embellishments.  Only one of my new stamps are used in today's cards.

So I work for a non profit dance organization (my 9-5 when I"m not teaching dance) and have a Board of Directors.  Most of these ladies are 50 years+, but they are sweet gals.  Well 2 of them have their birthdyas this week so I thought I would make them a hand made card each.

Betty Boop's Card
I used a silhouette of a Fosse dancer for the focus of this card-see the punch at the bottom?  That's my new punch!

I found the Fosse silhouette online and printed it on photo paper.  It's actually supposed tobe black (like a shadow), but becuase my printer is running out of black ink it ended up purple....which I actually kind of love!  I then outlined the image in balck sharpie (man I love sharpies) and cut out the image.  I had to touch up some of the outlining becuase of cutting.  Then I punched the bottom and placed black card stock behind. 

Punch Close up!

I free hand printed all the letters front and inside with a black sharpie
Inside!  See the "Fosse" Theme carry through!??!  Originally I didn't have the stars, but thought they were a nice touch.  I later added gold glitter to the stars (no pics)


 Gorgeous right?!?! That's my new stamp! $3.99!!!

I cut out the yellow paper for the image an dmounted it on black cardstock.  I then stamped the image in black ink.  I then used only the "Happy Birthday" text from another stamp used here  In that layout I only used the cake part, in this one I only used the text.  So versatile.  I inked the letters in red Magic Marker and stamped below the chandelier.  It didn't feel finished....

Blurry closeup 

So I added some glitter to the chandelier becuase it just wasn't fabulous enough!  I REALLY REALLY like the finished product.  This will be an image I use OFTEN (I like to recycle my good ideas!!!!)  Lastly I added some red ribbon to balance out the composition and added dots of glitter to the centre of each rose on the ribbon.

Yes, I know these cards are quite simple, but I like to theme my cards (like Fosse) so the overall feel is very important.  To me it's not just about throwing as much crazy crap on a card as I can, it's about making a personal card for an individual.  I feel that you have to keep the personality of the person in mind while making their card, and that really keeps me on track themetically for cards. 

I would love to see your ideas to improve these designs, or post your card based on A Fosse themed card.

Will post a very cute little girl b-day card later today!!!!!


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Why didn't you buy me one of those chandeliers!!!

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