Thursday, July 29, 2010

Little Girl Birthday Card

OK, I think I have the cutest cousins....but doesn't everyone?  Any who, my 2nd cousin Layla is turning 1 year old next week, and even though she won't really appreciate this card I know her 5 year old sister Ava and mum & dad really will!!!!!

Layla's Birthday Card

All together now...awwwwwwww :)

Dress attached with jewelery loops

So, the card is made out of folded light pink cardstock to give it some weight so it doesn't fall over.  I then used the same patterned paper I used here on Meagan's card.  I searched through my chipboard embellishments, which I'm totally guilty of not using very often.  They are, for the most part children themed, and since I don't have kids, don't really have a use for them ALL that often?!?!  SO I went with a green & pink motif (obviously) based on the chip board I liked.  I thought the dresses were cute, and decided to "hang" them from a "clothesline".  Sadly this faboosh idea happened AFTER I have already applied the ribbon to the card with glue dots.....

  I pierced the chipboard with my poker (technical term) and inserted the jewelry loops.  Then I pierced a small hole in the ribbon (which was easy) and painstakingly threaded the jewelry loop into the ribbon so it would literally hang.  I did attach the dresses to the card front with adhesive.  I didn't want them rattling around for a 1 year old to pull off the card and swallow!

On the inside I printed an easy to read message, mainly so Ava (who's five) could read it aloud.  Yes, I used purple sharpie!  Then I recycled my heart idea from here to add a little more to the inside of the card.  It was too boring without it.

While I was stamping the hearts I had another great idea.....I could use the heart stamp as a balloon!!!! So if anyone would like to try out a card challenge, it is to make a balloon card using hearts in one way or another!  Looking forward to seeing what you can create!!!!    I will post my heart balloon card next week!!!!

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Jill said...

Love the idea of haning stuff off of the ribbon! Totally stealing it!