Sunday, November 28, 2010

Beaded Christmas Trees

Where did November go!?!?!  I feel like it was just Halloween and all of a sudden we've kicked it into Christmas high gear!  Which is fine with me-I love Christmas.  Everything about it is wonderful :)  So after seeing these gorgeous beaded christmas trees, I thought I would go out an try my hand at them.

I started with 2 different sized styrofoam cones for my trees. 
does this happen to anyone else?  Why does Blogger flip my pictures sometimes?  I have resized them for web viewing!!!! This drives me bonkers-any insight would be appreciated!

I spray painted them silver just incase the beads didn't completely cover all the holes

I had purchased 32 christmas picks from Michaels.  Each pick had 10 beads on it.  I thought 320 beads would cover both trees.  Plus I had basically pawed through and bought all the picks in gold in that store!

Next I had to seperate the individual beads from the picks.  Talk about a mindless job!  I was glad that since the beads were on wires I would be able to skip a glue process and just jab the beads right into the the styrofoam!  I like effieciency!
Sorry for the sideways photos.....stoopid Blogger!

TA DA!  Sad thing is I used about 230 beads on this small tree!  Now I don't have enough to do the big tree.  So I am open to suggestions as to what I should do with the other tree?  Should I go to another Michaels and  look for more beads?  Or try something different? 


Jill said...

Sweet!!! Here's a tutorial to get blogger from flipping your pictures!

Also, there's so many things you could do with the tree:

Auntie Dawn made a tree like this one: (scroll down)

Jill said...

Or make a candy tree

Jill said...

Glitter tree?

Jess @ Frugal with a Flourish said...

I love your lil tree! But Jill came up with some great ideas too!! (BTW - I ended up with an extra one too!) Guess who is going to try to make a non Christmas one! :)