Sunday, November 28, 2010

First Time Fascinator

Luckily being a dance teacher allows me to play costume designer every once and a while.  Just last week I finished choreographing a modern/contemporary dance on one of my students.  I used the song "The Garden" by Mirah, the So You Think You Can Dance version!  If you don't watch SYTYCD, here's the original piece from the show, choreographed by Sonya Tayeh. 

This is the costume from the TV show.  I work at a conservative studio where this type of costuming is a no no!  Especially for 15 year olds!  So I took this feeling and went a new direction.  The story behind the piece is that the dancer is a jilted bride, who has evolved into a swamp creature.  I wanted a costume that was earthy, but a bit glamorous and I knew she needed a head piece.  And I had just the thing....well I would after I made it!  She needed a veil-like fascinator.  Since her costume is green and brown with a bit of black I used those colours.  Here is what I started with....

I wasn't sure what I was going to create the head piece on, but I started with a piece of elastic that would allow me to create a headband or just a backing.  I first removed the black rose from it's stem and cut away the extra plastic around the base so it would sit flat on the elastic. 
I attached the flower to the elastic with hot glue.

Next I pulled a few blooms off the hydrangea and put them on either side of the rose.  I attached these with hot glue too!

Next I cut a piece of tulle into 4 strips to create the "veil"

Then I haphazardly scrunched the 4 pieces of tulle together to create a tulle spray

I stapled the four pieces together/overlapped.  I made several of the sprays, some with longer pieces of tulle, so that they would be different heights behind the flowers

I then attached the tulle pouffes to the elastic behind the flowers or in between, where space provided.  I wanted the middle to be the highest point and taper out to the edges.  To finish it off I add a few rhinestones to the centre of the hydrangeas.  I added these so that when she is on stage, the jewels will catch the light and give a bit of glamour. 

Here's the finished piece!

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Sarah @ said...

so cute!

Wedding Fascinator said...

Really great fascinator especially pleasing as you know no one else will turn up in one the same!

Ginger said...

Love that! Thanks for linking up to Mad Skills Monday!

Anonymous said...

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